Hi! I’m Joshua Krause.

Catgrinder Studios was founded as a home for my freelance work and independent coding projects. Various reels and demos will be posted here, as well as useful scripts and the occasional game.

I work as a freelancer in New York, New York. My clients include a wide variety of independent studios whose projects range from television programs, independent films, music videos, interactive displays and exhibits, to commercials.

My specialties are animation, rigging, and coding, but the varied nature of my work has pushed me to learn all of the disciplines of 3D production, such as modelling, surfacing, compositing, and dynamics. I consider myself a problem-solver first and foremost, though, and I’m always willing to learn a new technique or write a bit of code to get the job done.

In my downtime, I’ve been coding games in Python and C# with Unity. I currently have two games in development: Diodes, a puzzly board game, and my pet project, Ring General, a pro-wrestling simulator.